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In May of 1990 Stan Waters founded an Alabama Sub-Chapter S Corporation called AIRINC with the company philosophy, "Provide the  best  product possible, on time and at a reasonable price".  AIRINC has a UNLIMITED FAA Class 1,2 & 3 rating in Accessories, a 1,2,3 & 4 rating in Instruments, and a 1 & 2 rating for Radio Class  Equipment.  We are  FAA, JAA, CAAC, DGAC and The Republic of Philippines approved  as well as recently attaining a ISO 9002 registration.

We  are approved by the Joint Aviation Administration of Europe & Agencies in the Pacific Rim and  Middle East to repair and maintain equipment onboard commercial aircraft.  We are also approved  for authorization to  maintain equipment onboard U.S. Major Air Carriers.

Our facility is located in Fairhope Alabama and  consists of a 26,000 square foot masonry constructed building with 63 employees and an active world-wide client base of  410. Our fiscal reports list 1999 at over $7 million dollars.  We specialize in High Flow Pneumatics,  Anti-Skid Components, Electronic Instruments and Accessories.

AIRINC has received multiple awards including:

  Governors Award for Outstanding Employer in the State 1994

 Future 30 Award – Top 30 fastest growing businesses in Mobile Alabama Area

 Business of the Year Award – Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce 


Within the facilities we have:

2 High Flow Pneumatic Cells, one  includes a high flow hot air stand built in 1997 by George

 Staley & Co.with the capability to flow all presently operating Airborne pneumatic components. 

1 Low Flow Air Cell designed specifically to flow  Whittaker pneumatic components.

3 Skydrol Hydraulic Stands including 2  variable speed drives with wide body capabilities and 1 dedicated to Anti-Skid components with clean room filtration.

Dedicated Boeing Accessory Unit  Test Cell

Dedicated Ballard Technologies AIRINC 429/717 interface computer  for testing Stall Management Computers

Dedicated Ignition Exciter Benches

Fully operational Avionics, Hydraulics, Pneumatics, and Instrument  Shops

15,000 on hand parts and assembly units

2,500 paper and microfich manuals

 30 Windows NT & 95 workstations networked via 100MB Certified Cat5 Cable running custom a generated production software package.

4  second Natural Gas fail-over backup generator for all major operating components including  computers

6,000 square feet of temperature controlled office space

20,000 square feet of production space

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