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AIRINC's Capabilities include literally thousands of different commercial aircraft components.  For your convenience you can   search our online Capabilities List by part number, or you can download the list to see if we are equipped to handle your next order.  If you are a qualified parts broker, FBO Operator, or a commercial  airline  maintenance facility you can request a complete written Capabilities Catalog. 

At AIRINC we specialize in the inspection,  repair, overhaul, and recertification of selected appliances, accessories,  instrumentation, pneumatic, hydraulic, and mechanical components used on commercial aircraft.

We are FAA, JAA, and ISO 9002  certified.  This means that our technicians are fully trained, experienced and certified  in the field of expertise and are working with the latest and most advanced test equipment.  All of our  technicians have real-time access to Airworthiness Directives issued by the FAA within hours of their release  to the public.

AIRINC only uses parts that are fully traceable and certified for our repairs and  overhauls.  All overhauls and repairs are throughly tested and inspected before leaving our facility and include  Serviceability Tags, 8130 FAA Forms and all related supporting documents.  Repairs and  Overhauls have a full warranty for 12 months or 1200 flight hours, whichever comes first, or unless otherwise indicated.   Before we repair or overhaul your part you will receive a written quote that indicates  what work will be done and what the cost will be, while teardown and evaluation charges will be kept at a minimum.

Whether you're  down the road or across the globe we want your parts to reach you without  in-transit damage.  That is why every part shipped from our facility is packaged in sealed plastic and shipped in foam-filled ATA 300  containers.  International customers are also provided with all  Customs documents that must accompany the part  to its destination .

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